LibreScan: Software Libre para la digitalización de documentos utilizando escáneres de bajo costo (WSL 2016)

Jaime Gutiérrez Alfaro (ITCR)
Aurelio Sanabria Rodríguez (ITCR)
Diego Ugalde Ávila (ITCR)
Daniel Solís Méndez (ITCR)
Melvin Elizondo Pérez (ITCR)
Tony Kong Hsu (ITCR)

Computer Engineering program of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology at the Academic Center in Alajuela was open in 2012 with a teaching only approach. Mainly because of the accreditation process, by mid 2013 the Laboratorio Experimental (LabExp) was created as an initiative where students could get involved in Free Software and Hardware research projects. The DIY Book Scanner community has been sharing the design of low cost scanners. Free Information and Technology project at LabExp has developed LibreScan, a Free Software solution for digitizing documents with a DIY Book Scanner. This article presents the software as well as how it started being used in our University.

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