Notification System for Development Platforms of Continuous Integration inside the Cuban Distribution Pattern of GNU/Linux Nova (WSL 2015)

Jesús Rabelo Pérez (UCI)
Marielis González Muño (UCI)
Héctor Pérez Baranda (UCI)
Mairim Delgado Muñiz (UCI)

With the development of the current research it was possible to implement a notification system, within the Platform for Development and Continuous Integration relevant to the Cuban distribution of GNU / Linux, to notify users in an efficient and scalable way about the events related to the different tools involved in the construction process. A research of protocols and of middleware for message passing was conducted, with a deeper and more updated perspective of the present situation. Aspects of the proposed solution are also exposed, and the verification of their scalability and efficiency has taken place. Its main result is the obtaining of a functional system, made up by a generator of notifications and a client application that is embedded in the notification bar of Nova distributions, informing users about the platform by means of a publication/subscription mechanism. Furthermore, an architecture that easily supports the integration of different communication channels has been conceived, thus ensuring scalability and efficiency.

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