Cuba, on a way to migrating to free software (WSL 2015)

Yeicy Durán Quintana (UCI)
Marielis González Muño (UCI)
Mairim Delgado Muñiz (UCI)
Marlies Quiala Torres (UCI)

Since many years ago Cuba is passively immersed in a total and mass migration to Free software . This is a task that is performed and accomplished in various institutions of the country, and mainly driven by a discreet but active community of users who love Free Technologies. The process is slow, but it's reaping its benefits despite the different situations that stand in the way. To support this process, the Center for Free Software (CESOL) at the University of Information Sciences (UCI for its Spanish acronyms), has the social object of ushering Free Software migration into the country. In this paper a study of the needs of migrating to Free Software is conducted, which highlights the results achieved so far in the Cuban society.

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