An early empirical sentiment analysis of openSUSE Developers and Users Factory (WSL 2013)

Athanasios-Ilias Rousinopoulos (URJC/Libresoft)
Gregorio Robles (URJC/Libresoft)

The Factory distribution is the current state of the development for the next openSUSE release (the next release name is 12.3 in March of 2013). The development releases of the openSUSE distribution like Milestones or Release Candidates are snapshots from this distribution. There is constantly work going on in Factory. Every time a developer submits a fix, version update, new feature or new package it is built. So the Factory repository can be in any state and is a moving target. In this paper we analyze the evolution of sentiment (for a 27 month period) of the developers and users who use openSUSE Factory distribution, by mining data from the openSUSE Factory Mailing list.

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