Distributed compilation with Distcc and Icecream clusters using Gentoo, a benchmarking study case (WSL 2012)

Víctor L. Orozco (UFSM)
José F. Lobos (USAC)

A GNU/Linux system is the product of a collaborative process that involves the creation of a collection of software packages developed by different developers in different places. The result of that process is a big collection of code that needs to be compiled and grouped in a single distribution package; this task requires a great computational power. This work presents a benchmarking review of two of the most popular tools for distributive compilation -Icecream and Distcc-. The comparative was done by measuring the computational complexity factors proposed by Blackburn, Van Benthem and Wolter in Handbook of Modal Logic over a compilation cluster constructing a GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo Linux.

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