OpenedEyes: A framework for information visualization based on open web technologies and web standards (WSL 2012)

Caio Sacramento de Britto Almeida (UFBA)
Antônio Lopes Apolinário Júnior (UFBA)

Extract knowledge from a dataset is not trivial. Information visualization shows up to help on this task by trying to optimize the user information gathering using suitable graphical representations. Many of the existing tools for this task use proprietary technologies or are proprietary software themselves. The proposal of this work is to present OPENEDEYES, a free (as in freedom) JavaScript framework that uses only web standards and open technologies to implement interactive information visualization applications to be run in a web browser. From the framework core, four visualization modules were developed, implementing traditional and new techniques that confirmed the flexibility and extensibility of the framework, which can be used to analyze any kind of abstract data, including data about free software projects.

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