Avaliando a Qualidade de Conjuntos de Teste de Software de Código Aberto por meio de Critérios de Teste Estruturais (WSL 2010)

Adriana Rocha (UFG)
André Mesquita Rincon (UFG/UNITINS/IFTO)
Márcio Eduardo Delamaro (USP)
José Carlos Maldonado (USP)
Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi (UFG)

QualiPSo (Quality Platform for Open Source Software) is an international project investigating Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) products to define quality requirements that are important in establishing the trustworthiness of these products. One of the supported activities of QualiPSo aims at evaluating the quality of the test sets developed by the FLOSS community. This paper presents the results of employing structural testing criteria as a measure of quality for such a test sets aiming at identifying the state-of-practice played by the FLOSS community and contributing to the establishment of an incremental testing strategy to evolve the test sets.

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