Imune: A Web­Based Immunization Management System (WSL 2009)

Francisco A. M. do Nascimento (FACCAT)
Carlos T. Renck (FACCAT)
Maurício Reis (FACCAT)
Leandro Sorgetz (FACCAT)

This paper describes a Web based application, called Imune, which was implemented using Flex, PHP, PostgresSQL, and Apache web server under a GNU/Linux platform. Imune is a management information system tool for the immunization control in any municipality, which was modelled and designed towards the necessities of the Brazilian public health system. The Imune system provides the management of vaccines, patients, mass immunization campaigns, access control to the recorded information, record of immunizations and history of immunizations per individual, and several statistical reports. Imune facilitates the improvement in the strategic planning for the public vaccination system, which results in a better assistance to the population in general and resources savings by governments with the reduction of vaccine lost.

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