TerraLAB – Using Free Software for Earth System Research and Free Software Development (WSL 2009)

Tiago G. S. Carneiro (UFOP)
Tiago F. M. Lima (UFMG)
Sérgio D. Faria (UFMG)

This paper presents a success case of using free software platforms for research and free software/model development for Earth System studies. We describe the technologies and methodologies used for this purpose. We also discuss the main results, challenges and solutions found on constructing a sustainable free software project which should serve as a foundation for the development of state-of-the-art environmental models and researches. The TerraME software have been used for answer national issues about the Brazilian Amazonia occupation through the analysis of computer generated scenarios, which are produced by biophysical and socioeconomic complex system simulations integrated with real-world geographical databases.

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