An embedded communication platform based on Linux for automotive systems (WSL 2006)

Fernando H. Ataide (UFRGS)
Alan C. Assis (UFRGS)
Carlos E. Pereira (UFRGS)
Fabiano C. Carvalho (UFRGS)

In the last years, important research has presented different approaches in the real-time embedded communication domain aiming to cover the growing demands of performance, predictability and reliability of emerging applications. Such requirements involve low latency, reduced jitter, time composability, fault-tolerance and finally, support for future modifications. Mainly in the automotive domain which is considering the possibility of replacing the major part of mechanical and/or hydraulic systems for electronic systems, the importance of predictable behavior with some degree of flexibility plays a key role. This paper presents a prototype implementation of the FTT-CAN protocol over Freescale ColdFire platforms running RTAI as an embedded Linux – a work in the scope of the Baja-by-Wire1 project which is being developed at Electrical Engineering Department of UFRGS. Some design issues together with latency and jitter results are provided and discussed. The project was developed entirely with open source tools.

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