Integrating Open Source Tools for Developing Embedded Linux Applications (WSL 2006)

Raul Fernandes Herbster (UFCG)
Hyggo Almeida (UFCG)
Angelo Perkusich (UFCG)
Dalton Guerrero (UFCG)

The development of embedded Linux applications have been supported by several open source tools. In order to make the programming activity less complex and more productive, such tools should be easy to install, configure and use. However, using the available open source tools, developers still have to understand and use different kinds of user interfaces and environments. Time and effort are spent on configuration issues rather than on programming. In this paper we present how to integrate open source development tools for programming embedded Linux applications. We introduce an Eclipse plug-in to support the development of embedded Linux applications using a single and integrated environment.

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