Evaluation of Data Conversion of Vectorial Geographic Features in Topographic Maps using Free Software Tools (WSL 2006)

Helton Nogueira Uchôa (OpenGEO)
Maurício Carvalho Mathias de Paulo (OpenGEO)
Luiz Carlos Teixeira Coelho Filho (OpenGEO/UERJ)
Paulo Roberto Ferreira (UFRJ)

This paper is related to a common problem found when trying to convert huge geodatabases that were extracted according to old or proprietary techniques still employed in Geographic Institutes and Services around the World. The libraries used for this task pertain to the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), a free library kit for performing geographic operations. An application was developed in order to import traditional maps delivered in a proprietary vectorial format, and convert them trying to preserve their original features. The results of this approach are commented throughout the text.

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