News from the EDOS project: improving the maintenance of free software distributions (WSL 2006)

Jaap Boender (University of Paris 7)
Roberto Di Cosmo (University of Paris 7)
Berke Durak (INRIA)
Xavier Leroy (INRIA)
Fabio Mancinelli (University of Paris 7)
Mario Morgado (Caixa Magica)
David Pinheiro (Caixa Magica)
Ralf Treinen (ENS de Cachan)
Paulo Trezentos (Caixa Magica)
Jérôme Vouillon (University of Paris 7)

The EDOS research project aims at contributing to the quality assurance of free software distributions. This is a major technical and engineering challenge, due to the size and complexity of these distributions (tens of thousands of software packages). We present here some of the challenges that we have tackled so far, and some of the advanced tools that are already available to the community as an outcome of the first year of work.

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