Rybená: a Free Source Project for Digital Inclusion of Persons with Special Needs, Through Mobile Communication (WSL 2004)

Daniel de Oliveira (CTS/UCB/DFJUG)
José Carlos Waeny (DFJUG)
Elcio Queiroz (IBM)
Edilson Ferneda (UCB)
Evandro de Barros Costa (UFAL)
Hyggo de Oliveira Almeida (UFCG)
Thiago N. Figueiredo (UCB)

A significant part of the Brazilian population has visual or auditive deficiencies. This communities cannot communicate between themselves and have poor mobile communication services. The purpose of this project is to design and develop a system to reduce the digital divide for these communities through use of a cell phone. This paper presents the progress made so far and the expected accomplishments in the near future.

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